The Story of Lee Gelfond
At Generations of Lee Gelfond Chocolates we cater to those with an appetite for uniquely creative, hand made chocolate confections which are designed to embellish the intimacy of any event or home.

The ambiance of our store front tickles the senses with the rich, decedent aroma of truffles, seasonal freshly-dipped fruit and sculpted statuettes.

Our counter is filled to the brim with fresh turtles, candied apples, imported truffles, chocolate grams and marshmallow creations, sure to satiate your every craving. From the walls which appear to be delicately drizzled with dark chocolate, to the colorful variety of holiday decor, we are dedicated to assuring that each costumer leave after having a holistic and delightful experience.

We are as much committed to costumer service, as we are to creating awe-inspiring molded chocolate. Each order is fulfilled with the up most diligence and attention, as each piece of artwork we create is guaranteed to reflect the vision of our costumers, unparalleled by that of any other chocolate store.

From wedding centerpieces and baby shower party favors to festive place-cards and corporate gifts, our customers have enriched our lives as much as our chocolate has embellished theirs.

(310) 854-3524